1 day


maximum 4 people

The Secret Waterfall

A 5 decker waterfall, hidden in the mountain jungle. Just come already!

A stunning 4 level waterfall with huge dropoffs, several natural pools including one that reaches 100 meter across, deep into the jungle.

Where? The location remains a secret. ​


Imagine the Nauyaca Waterfall on steroids, with a steep 20 minutes downhill walk into thick Costa Rican jungle that transforms into a taxing 40 minutes uphill on the way back that reveals one of the least known and most majestic natural wonders of the pacific Costa Rica.​


This waterfall tour involves a 2 hours drive each way, requires some physical conditioning, a good pair of non slippery shoes and copious amounts of drinking water. The result will be a defining Costa Rican experience!


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  • Itinerant conservation workshop:
    the ocean as a lung, Tico's victories and losses in environmental protection, the catch and release conundrum, topic of the day, fun facts and more

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