With Life Planet Project we will take you on a journey across the vast rain forest of Costa Rica, atop some of its most stunning active volcanoes, towards the depths beyond the country’s coastline and into the Ocean to show you what it means to have 6% of earth’s biodiversity concentrated on 0.03% of the planet’s surface.

Life Planet Project collaborates with activists, educators, artists and entrepreneurs to give this planet of ours a chance. We don’t care about being the heroes, we want to be the facilitators

Every one of us comes from the same planet, we have the same natural roots and all we want is for you to rediscover it and be touched by it. If your role in the world can help the halting of shark finning, we’d love to untap that potential. If your place in life is such that you want to refuse utilizing plastic for everything you do, we’d be glad to show you the way.

If you have time to spare and want to feel like you’re doing something good for the world, we are excited to help you with your goal.

Working with local communities, international scientists and harnessing Costa Rica’s biodiverse richness, Life Planet Project brings to you the power of nature with tailored multi day expeditions, excursions, adventures that will not only fulfil your desire for a different holiday, it will also illuminate you on a different style of traveling and will educate you on topics that are becoming more important every day for the survival of our planet.

Whether you are seeking a new travel experience, learn to scuba dive, get yourself involved in community projects or become a volunteer, we have something to help you with.

Forget travel agents that make a profit being the middleman, forget tour groups where you are just a number in an ever repeating tourist-trap loop. Forget being in the hands of random Joe Driver and John Guide in exchange for a hefty sum paid to a fancy agency while wishing for that pamphlet picture to be real.

We will be there with you. We will be sweating with you. We will get wet with you. We will be in the car with you. We will take pictures and be amazed by the same things you’re going to see. We will be hosting you in our house.

Because we love it.

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