Life Planet Project shares its values and activities with several volunteering and environmental organizations in Costa Rica and worldwide while cooperating with knowledgeable and skilled biologists, scientists and researchers.


We have a strong relationship with the ocean and its animals and that’s where we like to dedicate our efforts as individuals. For you it could be different, and in name of nature we’re happy to receive any help that comes from humans.


Our volunteers work in Costa Rica with marine turtles and sharks, are involved in alternative ways of utilising recycled plastics, participate in coastal land reforestation and provide help to animal shelters.

Sharks are our main love and goal, and through the help of the leaders in shark conservation we, and you, will play a part in protecting them.


We firmly believe that volunteers need a direct contact with the nature they are helping because only through a rich emotional, spiritual and practical experience they will learn how to translate their knowledge to daily life.


Life Planet Project wants the best for its volunteers. We will conduct a private interview with each candidate to better address needs and goals of each one of you, understand what you’d like to learn and in what way so that we can direct you to the best options.


For more information, please contact us!

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