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5 reasons why Rainy Season in Costa Rica is the best Season

Rainy Season. People tend to think it rains a lot: they're mostly right.

And thanks to all that rain, the jungle comes alive. The ocean too. This is what is all about.

See, since we were kids we've been taught that water is what grants life on this planet: that still holds true even outside the walls of the classroom, in the adult world.

During the rainy season, it rains a lot. But not all is lost. Actually, it's the best.

The Southern Pacific of Costa Rica has a wet season that begins roughly in May and ends towards the first half of December, give or take a few weeks of climate-change related mess.

That's a long time.

But it doesn't just rain non stop for all those months.

It is really only November you want to be prepared for.

Rivers overflowing, rain so loud you need subtitles to understand what's happening on tv, national parks closing down, crocodiles and birds partying hard.

It's good for the plants and trees though, since they're about to face a few months of absolute lack of water and scorching sun.

The rest of the time though?

Beautiful long sunny mornings, the sky turning cloudy around early afternoon, a refreshing shower comes evening time, cool and damp nights.

Abundance of water. Perfect climate for life to thrive. Even our dog is more active now than in the summertime.

So here you have five reasons why you should be here to witness all of this

A poison dart frog, electric blue variety

Number One

Hammerhead Sharks, Bull Sharks and Whale Sharks come to hang out

In the Golfo Dulce basin, hundreds of female hammerhead sharks approach the sheltered waters of the recently declared Shark Sanctuary to give birth.

Hammerhead Sharks are considered endangered all over the world and saw a decrease of 95% of the population in the last 20 years.

Coco Island, off the coast of Costa Rica, is one of the few places left in the world where one can hope to see them schooling, and with the rain the chances grow higher, along with better probability of spotting whale sharks.

On top of that, close to the Catalinas Islands you can dive with Bull Sharks, that only come during the rainy months.

Oh, and Manta Rays. Everywhere.

Number Two

the night walk you booked will really show you amazing, creepy, dangerous, cute critters

Poisonous dart frogs, deadly pit vipers, cute armadillos, tarantulas, tree-lurking jaguarundis and kinkajous, racoons and more: what they all have in common is that they're active at night, they don't like overly dry weather and rely on preys that are more abundant when it rains.

All the tropical forests see a massive increase of animal activity during the day too, of course...

Put your rubber boots on and off you go!

Number Three

it's cheaper. it's less crowded. it's easier.

People who don't read this article don't know how beautiful the country is when it's wet.

The locals are done with the holidays and the kids are back to school.

Tourists from the northern countries are done with their cold winters and are happy staying home.

So? Cheaper flights, cheaper accommodation, beaches are mostly empty, during a tour you'll have to share the experience with far less people, no lines at immigration...should I continue?

Number Four

you can still get your holiday tan without ending up with second degree burns and a heatstroke

Your less than ideal levels of melatonin will allow you to venture on the beach and return to the room without losing layers of skin like a snake while still getting a respectable skin tone out of it.

That walk to the supermarket won't boil your brain.

If you're backpacking, that means you can survive those long waits at the bus station and retain some dignity when you take the shoes off at the hostel's entrance.

Number Five

it's only rain. and only for a short time.

Ultimately, it will rain.

Will it ruin your experience? Absolutely not! If anything, it will enrich it.

It's not like the rain back home, the one that comes with hectic traffic, uncomfortable bus rides, forgotten umbrellas, soaked shoes and stinky dogs.

It's warm, you are still wearing your board shorts and sandals, and worst case scenario you just stop under a roof and eat the juiciest pineapple you've ever had.

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