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5 things we can do this week to save ourselves

Humanity is a plague to this planet, that we know.

Well, not all of us. But definitely the vast majority of us.

Nobody's perfect, though. Even the most virtuous of us sometimes fail.

Humanity is also selfish.

That's why one of the major selling points to save the planet is "save the planet so we can save ourselves".

We like to stay alive, mostly. That's true for any species, but we're pretty obsessed by that, because we're quite vulnerable beings.

I'd say "save the planet because we have no right to destroy it".

Whether we will live on as a species or will be wiped away by a meteorite like the dinos.

So with this selfless spirit, here are 5 things we can do this week, starting now, to begin changing things around:

  1. Don't be lazy, pick up the garbage you see on the beach. It takes a gazillion years for that to decompose, an unlucky bite of it to kill a fish, and 3 seconds (five, if you have back pain) for you to remove it from the environment.

  2. Don't be lazy, don't leave trash behind after you're done with your beach party. Leave only footprints. They'll get washed away by the tide anyways.

  3. Don't be lazy, keep the organic waste separate when you cook those delicacies. You can use that to compost. Or to throw it to your loud neighbour. Point is, it is still useful, and you can feed the soil.

  4. Don't be lazy, bring reusable bags and containers to the market. Plastic bags end up suffocating marine turtles because they look like jellyfish, which they eat a lot. You don't want jellies when you run in the waves, nor dead turtles on the beach, do you?

  5. Don't be lazy, walk to the grocery store instead of taking the car. Carbon Dioxide ends up in the ocean, as it's supposed to be. But too much is too much, and Ph levels of the water rises, killing everything. Even the things you went to the store to buy in the first place.

Bottom line is.....don't be lazy, and save yourself!

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