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A day to remember

Updated: May 3, 2019

Today is National Park Day.

That's it. There should be no need to explain any further why this is important, what it means and why it makes us happy.

But of course, being this a very special date, there are words to be said. And numbers to be evaluated.

Palo Verde National Park, Costa Rica

Costa Rica holds about 6% of the world's biodiversity while occupying about 0,03% of its surface.

That is thanks to its 161 national parks, ecological sanctuaries, biological reserves and privately cared areas: almost a quarter of its land is protected.

There is no other place on earth that dedicates a quarter of its land to anything,

That makes us proud, but also extremely sad.

Because why doesn't the world as a whole celebrate its very own existence, its natural core that was, is and will be the reason why everything else exists?

Why national parks don't have a worldwide celebration parade, with people screaming their happiness about having land protected from the destructive influence of mankind?

But here in Costa Rica, National Park Day is a thing. All 161 of them grant free entrance to everyone for a day. While admission fees are fundamental for the funding of the parks, giving everybody the opportunity to witness nature at its best is great.

This gives people with lesser incomes the chance to learn more about the nature they came from, the magic that keeps them alive.

Because of corruption, political short-sightedness and pure ignorance, most of the money generated by the parks gets diverted to other national agencies.

Any ranger you meet at any of the parks is someone that sacrifices its time for the benefit of nature. They don't get paid nearly enough for what they do. They spend weeks away from home and families, with very little commodities and very little resources. The passion for their job is what drives them and they rarely get recognition for it.

We love the rangers, and a special thanks goes to the sweet guys of the Caño Island station.

On a random day, while going on a tour to Caño Island with us, you can see any number of: crocodiles, macaws, tucans, seabirds, snakes, sloths, humpback whales, manta rays, dolphins, sharks and turtles to name a few.

On the same day. And not in a zoo.

This country of ours doesn't have an army, but gives nature a chance to exist instead. We want to educate people about it.

This is only a beginning. A few natural reserves will not heal the planet, we're doing too much damage.

Costa Rica is an example to follow. There is more to be done. A lot more. Especially for the oceans.

But for today, let's enjoy what we have. And celebrate it. Promote it. Divulge it

Thank you Costa Rica, for protecting nature. Thank you Earth, for giving us such a great show.

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