Humpback Whales Watching

Meet the giants. 
Humpback Whales can get up to 16 meters long and weigh around 30 tonnes
They are carnivores that eat principally krill, a specific type of zooplankton
In layman words, they are big mammals that eat very tiny shrimps and the occasional small fish.
Among the whales they are most famous for breaching surface and soaring into the air with their massive bodies and spending hours vigorously splashing or slapping the surface with their tails. 
Scientists are divided on the motives for such behaviour: it is for attracting females, states someone, or it is for communication, corrects someone else; it must be a clever way to brush off parasites, the conclusion of others.
Either way, it’s impressive. Majestic. Jaw dropping.

Costa Rica is at the centre of the whale migration route, the country universally recognised as the best for observing humpback whales, with a numerous population of both California and Antarctic Humpbacks cruising the warm tropical waters to escape the cold of their respective winters.

July to November is the best time of the year to observe these giants, when the groups of Antarctic Humpback Whales migrate north and utilise Costa Rican waters to mate and breed.
The Ballena Marine Park, in Osa peninsula, and the waters around Drake Bay, Caño Island and Golfo Dulce are premium spots for whale watching tours.
With some luck, you can even see them from the beach!

Life Planet Project is located in Uvita at the heart of it all. We offer you the incredible opportunity of meeting the whales from a small private boat while actually learning about their behaviours, their biology, their importance for the ecosystem and their fragility.
The whale watch tour will be run with a marine conservation angle and will be full of history, cool facts and anecdotes that only passionate guides (us!) will be able to deliver.
Did you know we have a physiological reflex that we share with these cetaceans?

Yes, we are related to them! 

During the day, we will take you through a beautiful mangrove forest and give you the chance to even snorkel around the tropical paradise of Caño Island.

What you will get is knowledge, information, fun and incredible memories.

We will treat you as a dear friend, we’ll pamper you and teach you about the ocean, cook you delicious meals and help you discover a new world made of nature and environmental care.


110$ + park fees

1/2 day


private charter boat

full day

starting from 650$ + park fees



  • Boat ride from Sierpe and back

  • Snorkel gear

  • Delicious home cooked snacks

  • Land visit at Caño Island

  • Mangrove tour


  • Transportation to Sierpe (available upon request)

  • Accommodation (available upon request)

  • Dive & Travel insurance (recommended)

Upon request we can organize private groups, longer excursions and offer special pricing deals for nationals, schools and anyone involved in conservation efforts.

If you’re looking for accomodation, we can also help you with recommendations for the best places for your budget.


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